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T is for Timeline!

We love creating day-of timelines! It’s something that we’ve gotten down to a science. But it didn’t always come naturally. In the beginning, we had errors, timing that felt forced or rushed, and moments we forgot entirely. After making timelines for almost 10 years, we’ve learned a thing or two. Here’s our general process.

Step 1: We make a cheat sheet that outlines all arrival and departure times for the vendors. We note if they have specific start and end times or if they have a specific amount of hours they’re contracted for. We also double check when we’re allowed in the venue and when we have to be out.

Step 2: Then we confirm how many ladies are getting their hair and makeup done and how long it takes for each service. Sometimes stylists create their own order and sometimes we create it for them. If it’s just one or two stylists, it’s not that complicated, but it gets tricky when we have three or four coming in.

Step 3: After we have the morning mapped out, we call the photographer to ask how much time is needed for certain photo shoots. We ask about family photos, bridal party photos, bridal portraits, getting ready shots, first look, golden hour photos, etc. They will definitely know how long each of those will take which allows us to just import to our timeline.

Step 4: At this point we reach out to the rest of the vendors to ensure we’ve got the correct load-in times. We also confirm what time they’re coming back for a flip, and/or to load-out at the end of the night. We pay special attention to how many can load-in at one time and make sure they’re not in each other’s way. We also are mindful of the order of any larger installs we have. For example, we might need to have a draping install completely done before the florist can start putting greenery in the chandeliers.

Step 5: Last we add in special touches. This includes the order of the ceremony from the officiant and the order of events at the reception. We also note if the bride & groom are giving each other letters or a gift in the morning. Are we doing a first look with the father of the bride? We add anything and everything that makes the day unique to the couple.

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