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Y is for Yichud!

A rare wedding tradition called the yichud is something we wish more couples would partake in! But before we dive into why we want more of it, let’s pause for a brief history lesson. The term yichud comes from the Hebrew language and translates as “together” or “seclusion.” Dating back to biblical times, it was tradition for the married couple to retreat to a small, private room immediately following the ceremony for 10-15 minutes before starting the festivities. We’ll let you use your imagination to figure out why this was a necessary piece of the puzzle to legalize the marriage.

As it relates to weddings today, it can refer to any private moment the couple has together on their wedding day to catch their breath and soak in the day. Because there’s so much happening on the big day, we get creative with how we incorporate this concept into the timeline. Sometimes we schedule it during the cocktail hour after all the photos have been taken. The couple gets to eat a little something, touch up, and take a beat together. We’ve also done it immediately following the first look. This gives the couple a minute to give gifts to each other, exchange letters, recite their vows in private, and to get rid of all the anxiety surrounding the ceremony. It’s a great way to officially start the day!

Our favorite place to put this is actually at the very end of the night, just before the grand exit. We mentioned this last week when we discussed the grand eXit, but we’ll catch you up to speed if you missed it. As all guests exit and are getting staged for the grand exit, the couple is left in the venue alone. Ask the DJ to play your first dance song again and watch the magic happen! There’s nothing quite like an empty venue with a Bride and Groom enjoying a dance together.

Regardless of when the yichud happens, it’s definitely something all Brides should incorporate into their big day. You’ll definitely thank yourself!

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