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X is for eXit!

Okay we couldn’t come up with an "X". Could you blame us? If you think of an X topic, let us know and we’ll tackle that too! But for now, here are some things to consider when you start strategizing your grand exit.

Keep in mind that all venues have different policies about what is and is not allowed. Sometimes the venue rules are even mandated at the county level. Start by checking your contract. It’s usually outlined there. If you’re still coming up short, give your venue rep a call or email.

Regardless of what you choose to have guests wave, toss, or do as you depart, there’s one cardinal mistake that every couple makes. Please hear all of us planners and photographers: we beg you, do not run. The movies have absolutely ruined this for all couples! If you run, you won’t get those amazing, magazine-worthy photos of this blissful moment. Not only do we suggest couples not run, but we also tell them to stop in the middle to give their guests one more show. Pause to kiss. Or do a dancing twirl (think Meg Ryan from You’ve Got Mail). Or if you’re feeling extra daring, have your groom dip you back. Not only will your guests love this, the photos will be 😍. You won’t regret it!

There’s one piece of this that often gets overlooked, and we’d be remiss not to address it. The Bride and Groom get one last moment together before the grand exit, and you should capitalize on this! Sometimes this is the first time the two of you are actually alone on your wedding day. Either way, we highly recommend that, once your planner gets all your guests outside and starts arranging them and passing out exit items, ask the DJ to put your first dance song back on. When everything is ready outside, your photographer and planner will come back in. You’ll get some amazing photos of an intimate moment and then we’ll open the doors for the grand exit. Just be sure to tell your vendor team you’re wanting to do this.

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