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Z is for Zooming Ceremonies! When COVID-19 was in full rager mode, the entire wedding industry was turned upside down. Thanks to Zoom, wedding planning did not have to come to a screeching halt. Couples determined to have their wedding were still able to communicate with all vendors and stay on pace. As Zoom and livestreaming became an integral part of wedding planning, couples quickly found out that Zoom was good for more than just hosting meetings. As headcounts were capped and weddings were limited to intimate, private ceremonies, couples relied on Zoom to broadcast their ceremony to loved ones that were unable to attend. Don’t get us wrong, we will be completely elated when COVID is completely behind us, but Zooming ceremonies is definitely something that we hope will stick around. In a non-COVID world, approximately 20% of invited guests mail back RSVPs with a decline. Now those guests will have an opportunity to participate in the ceremony via Zoom. There’s more to it, though, than just bringing a laptop and having your friend set it up before you walk down the aisle. Sure that sounds easy enough, but if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. And we’ve seen it done wrong. A lot. But let’s focus on the pros of hiring a pro to facilitate! Having a professional handle the zoom logistics all but guarantees you won’t get your Zoom room hacked. Yes, we said hacked. It happened. And it was ugly. A pro will ensure this does NOT happen. Additionally, pros will sometimes offer multiple cameras to capture different angles. They’ll act as a producer during the ceremony and will switch from angle to angle as appropriate, elevating the experience for those watching. After the Zoom call ends, you’ll even get a copy of it sent to you, usually within a week or less! This gives you an opportunity to rewatch it and see it from the perspective of those that weren’t present. If this is something you want to incorporate into your post-COVID wedding, we’re here for it! 🙌🏽 Call your DJ and ask if they can add this service onto your package.


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