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Q is for Quotes!

We encourage couples to get as many quotes as possible until they feel comfortable with a vendor for each service. But if you’re not used to reading through them, comparing quotes can be a time-consuming activity. In order to make sure you’re a quote-reading machine, here are a few tips for how to efficiently read and understand each quote you get.

Tip 1: Do. Your. Research. By researching before you get a single quote, you set yourself up with better expectations. Sticker shock is real, and definitely avoidable. If you don’t have a planner that can help you set expectations, then try asking your venue. If you’re still coming up short, look for articles in wedding blogs or magazines. Be sure to check the publication date and region of anything that has a price referenced to ensure you get information that is relevant to your wedding.

Tip 2: Start by skimming itemized quotes before reading them line for line. By getting an idea of the general structure and outline of the product or services, you’ll better understand the small details. If a vendor does not send you an itemized quote, ask if you can have one. Think of it like reading a book. You wouldn’t start reading without checking out the table of contents. Likewise, you wouldn’t read just the table of contents. You need to do both to really get the most out of the book.

Tip 3: Be sure to read the fine print looking for hidden fees. Some quotes may include gratuity, service fees, and/or additional labor/stylist fees. If you don’t see those things, ask about them. It’s important to have a comprehensive idea of what the charges will be before you sign anything.

Tip 4: When you start receiving quotes, do yourself a favor and read them at your best time of day. If your afternoon brain is fuzzy, don’t crack open a quote at 2pm. If you do your best thinning at 6am, grab a cup of joe and read them then! If you’re a night owl, burn that midnight oil! Each quote is going to look pretty different, so it takes some brain power to fully grasp everything and you can’t fully comprehend them at a glance.

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