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Outdoor Wedding

O is for Outdoor Wedding!

Outdoor weddings can be some of the most gorgeous events. We’ve seen them done right a number of times and we’ve noticed that couples who successfully plan outdoor weddings take time to consider a few extra factors on the front end: the weather, the guests, and the vendors.

You can pull off an outdoor wedding in any season if you plan ahead. It’s a good idea to create your vision assuming you’ll pull the trigger on an inclement weather plan. This could mean a tent for rain, heaters for chilly temps, or even misting fans if it’s sweltering. Regardless, the backup plan usually costs more than Plan A, so including those costs in your budget from the start eliminates any last-minute surprises. If you end up with a sunny, beautiful day, then you’ll have some extra funds to upgrade your getaway vehicle, add an uplighting package, or ask your photographer to add a couple extra hours onto the day. We could give more examples, but we’re confident you’ll know exactly what you want to do with the extra cash.

Alright, so you’ve built your budget assuming you’ll do a rain plan, but how do you actually design something from scratch? Start by checking out the space at specific times. Try asking your friend Google what time the sun will set on your wedding day. Decide how long before sunset you want your ceremony to take place. If that’s 2 hours, then go 2 hours before present day sunset. Take specific note of where the shaded spots are and where the sun sets. This will help you consider how your guests will experience the space. Go back to where they’ll be parking and walk to the ceremony site. Is the path smooth? Close by? Convenient? Don’t forget to think about what the walk will be like if you execute the rain plan.

Lastly, consider the event from the perspective of your vendors. Does the DJ have a power source that stays clear of the path where guests walk? Will the guest vehicles be in the background of all the ceremony photos? Is the ceremony within earshot of the reception space where the caterer will be setting tables during your vows? All of these questions will help you plan a stunning outdoor wedding.

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