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F is for Flowers!

We spend so much of our time talking about flowers with couples. When it comes time to book a florist, we have learned over the years that the conversation usually goes the same way. First we chat through what they should expect to spend. This always leads to them asking what other options they have, and then finally the conversation comes back around once couples realize fake flowers are more expensive than real. It doesn’t matter if your all-in wedding budget is $40K or $100K+, everyone is always surprised at the percent of their budget that is dedicated to florals.

Okay so here’s the logic. Consider if you were purchasing a table cloth. Would you spend more if you purchased one you could keep, wash, and reuse time after time, or if you got a one-use plastic one? Obviously the one you can use for the rest of your life is going to cost more. It’s the same concept with flowers. If you go artificial, they’ll end up costing more. Real flowers are not only beautiful, but they actually are cost-effective when considering other options.

We also chatted with Kelly at @echoesofedenflorals who had some great advice to share: Don't skimp on your bridal bouquet. And we whole-heartedly agreed with her! Get your dream bouquet and don’t feel badly about it! Consider it an investment. You wouldn’t want to settle on a photographer or videographer, because those images and clips are all you have 5 years down the road. But that bouquet will be in the majority of your photos and all through your video. You don’t want it to be something you settled on.

Okay last thing - to truly ensure you’re getting your ideal flowers and balancing it with the price point you have in mind, schedule a face-to-face meeting with your florist. Many of them will include this for no charge and it’s absolutely critical to ensure you get what you want. Sure, you can get all kinds of inspo photos in an email, but having a dialogue with a florist will make a huge difference in the end product.

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