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A is for Attire!

When bridesmaids and groomsmen aren’t local, it’s rare to see all the attire together before the big day. This can make matching materials, styles, and accessories tricky. Below is what we recommend to Brides in this situation.

Order matters. Choose your gown first. Once you know what silhouette and material you’ll be sporting, it will help you make decisions about dressing your besties. After you’ve got the dresses down, consider what kind of suits or tuxes will look nice standing next to them. Last, decide if the style you chose for the guys looks good with the bridal gown too. If not, tweak the Groom’s attire to bridge the gap.

Paint samples are key. Yes, we said paint samples! It can be hard to describe the exact shade of soft, airy, sage green you want. Head on over to a hardware store and take a look at the endless shades of green they have. When you find a pallet you’re happy with, grab a few for the road and distribute to your crew. Friends and family will love seeing a snapshot of what you’re planning and vendors will appreciate having them on hand. If you run out, go get more! They’re free!

Don’t fight the season! If you’re opting for winter nuptials, do your girls a favor and give them floor length gowns. Did you choose a July date? Don’t put the guys in 3-piece suits! The last thing you want are attendants that are too hot or too cold. This isn’t just a favor to them, it’s a favor to your future self who looks back at pictures of a happy bridal party that isn’t shivering and doesn’t have pit stains. (Is it a breach of etiquette for us to say pit stains?)

Last little tip when considering attire: Incorporate your wedding design into the accessories for extra style points. Did you book a modern farmhouse venue? Have your girls wear matte black jewelry to match the finishes of the space. Going for a mid-century modern vibe? Add a pop of vibrant color with the ties, cufflinks, and socks. Are you super stoked about the scalloped detail on the rim of the china pattern? Find a necklace that mimics it! Think through the elements of your reception design and be intentional when choosing final touches of your attire.

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