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Wilburn Street Studio

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

When you walk into Wilburn Street Studio for the first time, the feature you’ll notice is the exposed brick wall that runs the length of the room, contrasted by a white half wall at the bottom with ledges begging to be decorated. Original to the 1912 construction, this wall boasts all the character you need with its scattered plaster and genuine antiquity. The play between clean white surfaces and pillars with the aged brick is enough to fill the room with charm. Add in the well-kept hardwoods and the stage is set. Sandwiching the front entrance are window nooks akin to an old storefront which each offer natural light and a cozy space for soft seating. And finally the large outdoor patio in the back is perfect for an intimate ceremony, a lovely cocktail hour, or simply an additional space for guests to catch fresh air during the reception.

Even though it’s bustling with character, Wilburn is incredibly versatile in both floor plan possibilities and design options. Because of its minimalistic nature, it can be transformed to fit almost any mood. To create an elegant vibe, bring in some drapery and take advantage of the ledges throughout by adding various heights and clusters of candles. Or the white and cream pallet of the space combined with Wilburn’s in-house oriental rugs are perfect for a boho inspired wedding. A romantic vibe is easy to swing too, because the high ceilings are perfect for tall, oversize floral centerpieces or ceiling installs to wow guests. If you have the vision, you can create it at Wilburn, which is why it’s one of our favorite venues!

Want to learn more? Check out their website, Instagram, or send an email to

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