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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We are always so honored to share in the excitement and joy of the wedding planning process. One of our favorite parts is hearing about the proposal! Below is real bride Melissa's story! Congratulations to her and "Big Andrew" on their engagement and starting their new blended family together!

Back in October we started ring shopping. I liked quite a few online so we went to look at them in person and unfortunately I didn't like them. I knew I was looking for an antique look. About 10 years ago I bought myself a right hand ring that I loved. It was a square shape, very similar to my engagement ring and it was very much me. So after going to a few jewelry stores, I didn't find what I was looking for. While at Kay they mentioned a designer was coming in from Atlanta the next day and said I should come check out her stuff. So the next day, I casually went in, not expecting much. Tried on a few and didn't find what I was looking for. Then the jeweler said he had the perfect ring and grabs THE RING. I put it on and instantly knew. Then I looked at the price tag.... It was double the budget we discussed. I went home and told Andrew about it that night. I showed him a picture (I now know that he was completely unimpressed with the picture. lol It really doesn't do it justice) He said we woudl keep looking and the right one would come along. In November the same designer was doing a show in Nashville so I told Andrew we should go take a look and see what they have new. Unfortunately for scheduling reasons I couldn't make it happen and he was in the OR with 2 add on cases (So I thought) and he couldn't get away either. THe next day we left for Knoxville and I hadn't thought much about it. I was disappointed we couldn't make it but didn't give it a second thought knowing we had a lot going on in December and we could connect with the designer again in January. Little did I know, Andrew didn't really have an add on case... he was out of the OR and at the jewelry store buying THE RING. We moved into the house with Andrew the day before we flew home for Christmas. I was scheduled to fly out of MSP at 6 am on Dec 31st. Andrew told me he had a full case load and would probably not be home until around 3 or 4. Meanwhile in Wisconsin it is snowing like crazy so I slept for about an hour and got up and my mom and I headed for the airport at 2:30 AM on the 31st. I was exhausted and overall ready to be home to get unpacked and get back in the routine in our new home. I texted Andrew as we were boarding the plane. He told me he was just scrubbing into his first case and would call me when he broke. We landed at BNA at 8:00 AM. We were at the first gate (That NEVER HAPPENS) we were also in the 2nd row on the plane so we got off in a hurry. I stopped to adjust kiddos and headed to baggage claim. As I got close to the "YOU are about to leave the secure area Turn back now' signs, the TSA agent comes up to me and says, "You're Melissa correct?" I say Yes and he says, "Let me take the carseat for you, you're going to need both hands for the roses." I noticed quite a few people gathering in the area as we were walkign that way but that's the spot where most people meet others. The minute he approached me I knew what was happening. As I started walking in, Southwest employees started handing me roses. Then my best friend stepped out and handed me one and gave me a big hug. Then on to the proposal. I think I said yes (I have no idea if I said anything... I was so excited I just wanted to hug him lol) And then the southwest employee started playing songs on the piano. It was amazing.

The staff at the airport said they had only been part of one other proposal there and they were so excited when Andrew came with such grand ideas on set up and everything.

What I know now is he went to the airport multiple times to scope out the perfect place. Southwest wanted to have random strangers handing me roses as I walked towards baggage claim but he was adamant that he didn't want anyone doing anythign until I got to where he could see me.... he wanted me to have no warning. He wanted to see the entire reaction. This man. He thought of it all. He went above and beyond my wildest dreams with this proposal and I couldn't be happier!

A special thanks to Sam Hearn who shot photo and video of the entire thing! Check out Sam's Instagram @samhearn_1218!

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