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R is for Rentals!

Your rentals will have the biggest impact on your overall design. But it can be confusing to navigate the ins and outs of placing an order. Here are some of the most common questions we answer.

Q: When do I need to book my rentals?

A: We recommend reserving your rentals within the first couple of months of planning. If you’re getting married on a popular date (read: any Saturday in October), then you definitely want to make this a high priority. Many rental companies only have a certain amount of each item, so you need to make sure you call dibs on the pieces you want before someone else does.

Q: How do I know what quantity to order when I don’t have my headcount finalized yet?

A: On average, 20% of your invited guests will decline. You can use this stat to estimate rental quantities. For example, if you’re inviting 150, you should expect 30 to decline making your anticipated headcount 120. Don’t worry, your rental company will tell you the deadline for adjusting the numbers. Before finalizing, consider renting extras of everything in case something breaks in transit.

Q: How do I know everything will look nice together?

A: Make an appointment at the showroom to see it all together! If you have some design elements already, take those with you. Think swatches from the bridesmaid dresses, the tie your groom is wearing, paint samples of your color palette, shoes, etc. Anything that has color or texture can help you envision the final design.

Q: Other than tables, chairs, linens, and place settings what else needs to be on the order?

A: Once you have an open order, connect your rental rep with your caterer and bartender. They’ll likely need to add things like trays and tray jacks, bread baskets, specific stemware for your cocktails, etc. When you send the introductory email, be sure to include your invoice number so the rep can quickly find your order.

Q: What extra fees should I expect to see?

A: Along with the items you rent, you’ll see table and chair set up fees, flip fee (if you’re flipping a room during your cocktail hour), delivery, damage waiver, and a sales or operations fee. There could be more, but those are the most common.

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