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What are the first steps of wedding planning?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

One thing I encourage all brides to do, is to brainstorm (a lot) before they lift a finger. Skipping this step is like trying to decorate a room without knowing what color the walls are. You can end up with several great pieces, but if none of them go together cohesively, then your room won’t wow your guests.

There are a few ways you can make this brainstorming session efficient and effective (my second and third favorite words, respectively).

1. Come up with 3-5 words to describe your event.

This seems like a small task, but it actually has a huge impact on the feel of your event. By choosing a few words, you can always have them in your back pocket for each decision you need to make. Get creative with it! Use these words when you search for ideas on Pinterest. Share them with your vendors - especially the photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. Anyone that is contributing to your day should know what the words are. For example, I used modern, square, and Pittsburgh for my wedding.

2. Pick a color pallet using paint samples.

It’s a cheap date! Take Mr. Right and camp out in the paint section of a hardware store for a little bit. The samples are free, so grab a handful of your final selection. Take them with you everywhere. Use them when you’re picking attire and accessories, choosing flowers with the florist, and creating centerpieces. And don’t forget to give them to your family and vendors - especially the Mother of the Bride, the Mother of the Groom, and the graphic designer. For example, I chose hunter green, navy, and brown with cream accents.

3. Invest in a graphics designer.

There are so many ways to spend your money. But I cannot stress enough how much bang impact there is when you have someone create all of your signage and paper products. Most of them charge an hourly rate, but as they start to understand your vision (3 words) and color pallet (paint samples), each piece will take a pro less time than the one before. When guests receive an invitation and then see the same design on the programs, you create a memorable experience while driving home your theme with a home run.

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